Motiva Implants

Motiva Implants are brought to you by Establishment Labs, a global breast implant and medical technology company that partners with the best minds in the industry, invests significantly in research and development, including the announcement of a US clinical investigation program, and delivers superior products through:
Innovative and proprietary technologies
Impactful performance
Impressive safety

Motiva Implants are characterized by their controlled surface of the shell, which is manufactured with no foreign materials, through 3D nanotechnology imprinting. They are designed to improve the biocompatibility and to enable the insertion through smaller incisions.
The TrueMonobloc shell configuration creates uniform strength between shell, gel and patch and is designed to increase the durability through improved implants mechanical qualities under stress. BluSeal Barrier-Layer provides visualization of the shell barrier integrity and is designed to prevent gel diffusion in the body. Last but not least Motiva Implants have the first FDA-cleared RFID microtransponder for unique device identification.

Always Confident Warranty and Replacement Policy, are provided by Establishment Labs for all the Motiva Impants, providing a replacement product in the event of rupture for the life time of the implant. Similarly, in the cases of Capsular Contracture, Baker Grades III and IV, a replacement product will be provided by the company for the first 10 years. Two extended warranty programs are also available and can be seen on our website.

Motiva Implants are the smart choice for a surgeon because they are combining safety and patient satisfaction.